What is a Compound Miter Saw- The Saw for Special Wood Cut

What is a Compound Miter Saw- The Saw for Special Wood Cut
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The miter saw has many types according to function and design. One of them is compound miter. So, what is a compound miter saw? How does it work and what differentiates it from other types of miter?

A miter saw is a large saw that is used to make perfect bevel cuts and crosscuts. This is achieved using the mounted back saw or circular saw blade.

It works by using the mounted spinning saw blade to make short, quick, and ordered motions. This makes it easy to cut woods faster at selected angles. It can also be referred to as a power miter.

The power miter saw is also known as drop saw. Since it is large, it is mounted on a tabletop. Therefore, you have to take the wood to the worktable to cut the wood. It is also known as mitre saw outside the United States.

What Is A Compound Miter Saw?

A compound miter saw is one of the different types of miter saws. It is a specialized miter saw. It has all the abilities of a normal miter and more. What differentiates it from the standard miter is that it makes more angular cuts which the standard miter saw cannot do.

The standard miter saw has the designed to make angular cuts of 45°. But the compound miter saw can make 90° angles and various other angles. It does this because the blade can tilt.

Video: How to Cut Compound Miters and Miter Joints

Watch the video below to describes how the compound miter saw works.

video on how a compound miter works

This makes it possible for it to achieve more cuts. As a result of this, compound miter saws cannot only make just miter cuts, but also bevel cuts.

This versatility opens up a whole new level of cuts that would have been more difficult to achieve. With miter cuts, you can form a frame of 90° by cutting two 45° miter cuts and join them to get a 90° shape.

This can be used to make frames, making pre-sized moldings, and cutting baseboards. But with the compound miter, all those cuts are made easier.

what is a compound miter
photo credit: Mark Hunter, flickr.com

Other types of miter saw are:

Standard Miter Saw

This type of miter saw has limited ability. It can only cut 90 degrees or 45 degrees. It is mostly relevant for angled cuts, and perfect for molding. It is the most common type of miter saw.

What is A Sliding Miter Saw?

The sliding miter saw is the type that has the same cutting ability as the standard and compound miter saws. But its main distinctive feature is that it can cut a larger expanse of wood than the others. This is because it has rails that give you the ability to move it forward or backward while cutting. It can expand up to 12 to 16 inches which is basically more than double the reach of the other miter saws.

What Is A Sliding Compound Miter Saw?

This is the type of miter saw that combines all the benefits of the compound and sliding miter saws. It allows you the convenience of using it for varying crosscuts and angles. At the same time, it gives you a long reach to make cuts on wide boards.

Dual/Double Compound Miter saw

This type has all the attributes of the compound miter saw. It can be bent either to the right or to the left to help cover all the possible angles you wish to cut.

What Are The Differences Between Compound and Sliding Miter Saw?

The major difference that they have are the two different specialized characteristics they are equipped with.

A sliding miter saw has rails that allow the blade to move forward and backward across wide pieces of material. They can cut across material that the blade of a compound miter saw just can’t touch.

The compound saws have their benefits, too. Since they don’t have rails, there’s nothing getting in the way of the cutting arm. That means they’re better for thick material.

What Is The Difference Between A Sliding Compound and Compound Saw?

The difference between a sliding compound saw and a compound saw is that:

The compound miter saw is a specialized miter. When it comes to the sliding compound saw, it meets more than its match. The sliding compound miter is all that the compound miter is and more.

As a matter of fact, it is an upgrade on both the sliding miter and the compound miter. It can slide just like the sliding miter. It can also cut through thick lumber just like the compound miter.

What Are The Advantages Of The Compound Miter Saw Against Others?

The advantages of using the compound miter saw as against other types, are:

1. It has more space to make more arc cuts.

2. Also, it can cut through thick timber more easily than any other miter saw. Furthermore, it occupies less space in your working station, unlike the sliding miter saw.

3. It is also more economical than the sliding miter saw. So, if you are looking for a miter saw that can give you what you want at a low cost, the compound miter is your best bet.

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What Is The Disadvantage Of Using The Compound Milter Saw?

The compound milter saw has one disadvantage. It is that if the work you are doing has to do with a wide board, you will find it difficult to get the type of cut you want. Miter saws are such an important saw for workstations. All the various types have their own special task and purpose.

What’s the Purpose of a Miter Saw?

When you want to get into any kind of handwork, it’s very essential to have the right tools to achieve your set target with ease. When doing woodwork, there are many tools required to achieve your desired goal.

The miter saw is a special tool that you can use to make those special cuts that your normal chainsaw will not give you. Furthermore, it is an easy to use equipment for even the most inexperienced person.

Its ability to cut at perfect angles and give good miter cut has made it remain relevant despite all the new technological innovations. Some of the uses of the miter saw are:

Making Regular Crosscuts

With the use of the miter saw, the difficulty of cutting woods or boards in half is reduced. The reason for this is because the saw is mounted on a miter table since it is heavy. This gives you a stable platform to make a perfect cut without the fear of having the saw shift from its position.

Another importance of the mitering saw is that it is a powerful machine and for that reason, can cut through any type of wood.

In addition to that, it is easy to cut through at a very perfect line without any mistake. This is because you can see where the blade will be cutting quite easily to enable you make an accurate cut.

Furthermore, it makes the cutting of miters very easy. Unlike crosscut which cuts the wood on a parallel line, miter cuts the wood at a diagonal angle of varying degrees.

Power miter can be used by contractors who are working on fences and roofs to make accurate cuts to their materials.

Finally, with its circular saw, you can make bevel cuts and complex angle cuts.

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photo credit: Mark Hunter

How to Use a Miter Saw

As we have already explained above, making a bevel cut or a miter cut can be really time-consuming and tedious. When making these angled cuts, your work gets much easier and neater provided you use the miter saw.

Choose the Size and Type of Miter Saw Needed

Before you start your work, you need to decide what size and type of miter saw will best suit the work you plan to do. As they have different functions, they are also suited for various types of cuts.

Decide the Power of the Miter You Need

The wood you wish to cut may be a tough one or not so tough. That should guide you on the horsepower of the machine you need. The muscle or power that a machine can release at a particular time is what we refer to as the horsepower.

That means if you wish to cut a large or tough piece of wood, it may be advisable to use an industrial-level machine. This type is heavier and stronger.

Set up Your Workbench

The miter saw needs a comfortable workbench that it has to be set up on. This workbench needs to be balanced and have enough space to accommodate the material that needs to be cut.

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Read the User’s Manual

If the machine comes with a user’s manual, it will be wise to go through it. From there you can get information on the safety precautions you need and the safety gears to put on.

It will also inform you on the type of wire extension that will be suitable for the miter saw. The electrical requirement of the machine will also be stated. This is to prevent any electrical damage being done to the motto or any other electrical part of the machine.

Video: How to use a miter saw- A complete beginner’s guide. 

If you prefer a visual description, watch this video for a detailed explanation

Know the Various Parts of Your Machine

It is important that you know the various parts of your machine. These parts include the angle indicator and the angle scale which is located at the front side of the saw bed, trigger or power switch, and the lock mechanism.

There are some other features that miter saws come with, but they vary according to the type you are using. They are the laser guides, the locking clamps used to secure the workpiece and the saw tilt scale.

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